Bike ride will start at the The Unity Gardens office at 702 Chapin St. 9am
Coffee and Registration will start at 7:30am ‎

Due to Construction we have made a few changes on this , 6/15/2012
Best directions will be at race start
Head out south entrance of Food Bank Parking Lot
 2.    Turn Left onto United Drive ride .03 miles to South St
 3.    Turn Right on South Street  ride 1/4 mile to Main St
 4.    Turn Right on Main  1/2 mile  to Garden
Our Lady of the Road Unity Garden Will be on the left
7.     Head South on Main Street 350feet to Sample
8.     Turn Left onto Sample Street St. go 1block  feet to Michigan Street
9.     Turn Left  on Michigan St. ride .01 Mile to Bronson St
10.   Turn Right on West Bronson St. ride .01 miles to St Joseph St.
11.   Turn Left onto South St. Joseph Street ride 400 feet to South Street
12.   Turn Right on South Street Go 427 feet to Carroll St .
Monroe Park Unity Garden will be on the corner of South and Carroll St
13.   Leaving Monroe Park Garden head East on South Street 440 feet to Fellows St.
14.   Turn right onto Fellows Street, ride .05 miles to Wenger Street
15.   Turn Left on Wenger Street go .03 miles to High St
16.   Turn Right on High Street go .02 Miles to Broadway St
17.   Turn left on Broadway ride .01 mile to Dale Ave
18.   Turn Right on Dale Ave
Ravina Park Unity Garden  will be on your right
19. Leave Ravina Park Garden head North on Dale 66 feet to Broadway
20. Turn Left on Broadway go .01 miles to High
21.  Turn Right on High St.  ride .04 miles to Sample Street
22. Turn Right on Sample Street ride .02 miles ( cross the river ) to East Bank Trail
( East Bank trail runs along side Northside Blvd )
23.  Turn Right on East Bank Trail ride .08 miles then get on Northside Blvd
24.   Continue on Northside Blvd for .02 miles to IUSB Bike Path
25. Turn Left towards IUSB bike path go 256 feet to Path
26. Turn Right on IUSB Bike Path Cross river on path
27.  After you cross the River on the bike path Turn Left
The IUSB Unity Garden will be on your Right Behind the Housing
28. Head back West on IUSB Bike Path cross river back to Northside Blvd.
29. Head East on Northside Blvd .02 miles to 21st Street
30. Turn Left on 21st Street go .02 Miles to Mishawaka Ave.
31. Cross Mishawaka Ave into the Potawatomi Conservatories Parking Lot
The Greenhouse Community Garden will be directly behind the parking lot * Restroom
32. Leave the Green House Garden by getting on Mishawaka Ave and head East 1.3 Miles to Forest Ave
33. Turn Left on Forest ride 1 block to West Grove
34. Turn Right on Grove ride one Block
Albright Unity Garden , will be on your right
35.  Leave Albright Garden by heading back West one Block on West Grove to Forest Ave.
36. Turn left on Forest Ave ride .01 miles until Forest becomes Wilson 
37. Take Wilson West Along the River 0.3 miles cross Logan St  onto Pleasent
38. Take Pleasent all the way to Ironwood
39. Cross Ironwood Pleasent becomes Northside Blvd
 40 Continue on Northside 0.3 miles to the IUSB Bike Path
41. Turn Right onto the IUSB Bike Path Go North Through Campus
42  Cross Mishawaka Ave to The Greenlawn Extension which is around the East side of the Adams High School Track
43 Continune North onto Greenlawn ( Slight Jog left at Wall Street )
44. Take Greenlawn North 0.7 miles to Colfax
45. Turn Left on Colfax ride 0.6 miles to Walsh
46 Turn Right on Walsh ride 0.2 Miles to Madison
The Madison Square Unity Garden will be on your right at the Corner
48. Head South on Walsh as you leave the Madison Square Garden 0.5 miles to Colfax
 Turn right on Colfax ride 0.5 miles to St Louis Blvd.
49. Turn Left on St.Peter  ride 0.2 miles to Jefferson
Cross Jefferson and the Zion Unity Garden will be on your right
 Leaving the Garden Continue South on St Peter .0.2 miles to the East Bank Trail
50. Go right on the East Bank Trail , go under the Jefferson St Bridge Continue to Colfax
51. Get on Colfax and go Left toward Michigan St. ride 0.1 miles to Michigan St
 Turn Right on Michigan St. ride 0.3 miles
The Memorial Hospital Unity Garden will be on your Right
52. Take Navarre St West through Hospital ride .02 Miles to Lafayette Blvd
53. Turn Right on Lafayette Blvd. ride 0.3 miles to Riverside Drive
54. Follow Riverside Drive 0.6 Miles along the River to the Roundabout at Angela Blvd.
55. at Roundabout get on Riverside Trail and continue along river 1.2 miles to Sherman Street
56. Go Left on Sherman Street 1 Block to Culver St.
the Keller Park Church Unity Garden will be on your right
57. Leave the Keller Park Church Garden heading back to Riverside Trail
58. Take Riverside Trail 1.2 miles to Angela Blvd
59 Take Angela Right and ride 0.1 mile to Woodward
60. Take a Left  Woodward  go .01 miles to Vasser
61. TurnRight on Vasser  and continue past  Portage
the Muessel School Unity Garden will be on the Corner of Vasser and Blaine
62. Head West on Vasser 0.5 miles to College
63. Turn Left on College ride 0.1 Miles to California St
64 Turn Right on California ride 0.1 Miles to Johnson St.
65. Turn Left on Johnson St. Ride 459 Feet to Prast Blvd
66. Turn Right on Prast Ride 1.1 Miles to LaSalle Square Garden
the LaSalle Square Unity Garden will be on your Right
67. Take Prast East to Bendix Drive
68. Turn Right on Bendix Drive Stay on Bendix until 4 way Stop at Orange
69. Turn Left onto Orange Ride 0.7 miles on Orange it will veer right at Birdsell and turn into Colfax
70. Continue on Colfax to Martin Luther King Blvd
71. Turn Right on Martin Luther King
72.  MLK it will turn into Chapin Street continue Past Western
73. Turn Right into Kroc Center Lot ,
the Kroc Center Unity Garden is at Back of Lot
74. Head South on Chapin about 1/4 of a mile the Food Bak will be on your left
Enjoy a Burger , Chips and a Cold Drink With Your New Bike Friends

Total: 1.3 mi – about 7 mins

1511 Dale Ave, South Bend, IN 46601
total 0.0 mi

Total: 1.6 mi – about 9 mins

Titan Dr, South Bend, IN 46544
total 0.0 mi

Total: 0.6 mi – about 5 mins

2105 W Mishawaka Ave, South Bend, IN 46615
total 0.0 mi

Total: 1.4 mi – about 9 mins

504 W Mishawaka Ave, Mishawaka, IN 46545
total 0.0 mi

Total: 3.2 mi – about 18 mins

1230 E Madison St, South Bend, IN 46617
total 0.0 mi

Total: 1.5 mi – about 9 mins

602 N Michigan St, South Bend, IN 46601
total 0.0 mi

Total: 2.0 mi – about 10 mins

1001 W Bryan St, South Bend, IN 46616
total 0.0 mi

Total: 1.1 mi – about 6 mins

1020 Blaine Ave, South Bend, IN 46616
total 0.0 mi

Total: 2.1 mi – about 12 mins

3701 Prast Blvd, South Bend, IN 46628
total 0.0 mi

Total: 4.1 mi – about 24 mins

900 Western Ave, South Bend, IN 46617
total 0.0 mi

Total: 2.0 mi – about 14 mins

702 Chapin St, South Bend, IN

Directions coming soon